Ultramarines Evolve

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Ultramarines Evolve

Post  kelmar40k on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:53 am

A note: this my out the box thinking... tired of seeing 3, 6, 9 of the same thing on the board. Soooo

So Sicarius is the warlord.

He gives Troop A Infiltrate, I infiltrate them into cover with Melta, Multi Melta creating the I will slag your vehicle for sure within 12” bubble. I put these guys as close to midfield as I can get.

Turn 1, Drop Pod brings in Sicarius, Lysander and Sternguard. Sicarius moves off with Tac Squad and Lysand with Sternguard. This puts 17 MEQs with two HQ midfield turn 1 in cover with some of the nastiest shooting I have.

Turn 2, Termies Drop down right next to them on 3+ and start firing Storm Bolters, next round the can join any assaults or launch their own.

Devastators are anti everything what with Flakk missiles being Anti Air.

The Bike Squad is reactionary unit to go between the other 2 tactical squads for who needs support.

StormTalon enters for anit infantry or anti air.


Too weak?

Things to think about…

Victory Point goes for first unit killed and for being in your opponent’s deployment zone.

Comes in at 1995.

HQ Sicarius

HQ Lysander

Troops Tac Squad (10)
Sgt w/ Boltgun & PF
MultiMelta / Teleport H

Troops Tac Squad (10)
Sgt w/ Boltgun & PF
Plasma Gun
Heavy Bolter

Troops Tac Squad (10)
Sgt w/ Boltgun
Plasma Cannon

Fast Att Stormtalon

Fast Att Bike Squad (4)
Combi Plasma
Plasma Guns (2)
Attack Bike

Heavy Devastators (5)
Missile Launchers (4)

Elite Terminators Tac (5)

Elite Sternguard (7)
Drop Pod



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Ultramarines Evolve

Post  Necron on Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:19 pm

I just love the boys in blue ............ great stuff .........

We should get together some time and do the blue thing .........

While I do robots and nids ...... I have some of the oldest and coolest blue there ever was ............

I had some fun the other day with just blue ...

LS Storm x2 with 5 scouts Sgt combimelta and pwr fist
Terminator Sqd Ass Cann
Tac 5 man Rhino
Tac 10 man melta LC divided into BS
Tac 5 Man Razorback TLLC
Land Raider x2
Land Raider Cru x1

Lots of fun and move quickly.......

Will have to see how things play out in 6th but I'm sure that blue will always be fun to play ........


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