6th edition orks nobs on bike

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6th edition orks nobs on bike

Post  mouser04 on Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:35 pm

im havn problems with making a list of nob bikers but 3 elite and 2 troop but it down right rediculous how expensive the nobs get once you start adding up [pow klaws/big chooppas /painboys/and so on

so far i have 17 bikes but i count up points its like looking at a army of 6 guys versus 100 and 50 some odds enimies grrr disheartening

anyone got a good idea of how to make a squad up with out eating up points

warbikers are good too just one nob with PK BUT EVERYONE GONNA KILL HIM BEFORE HE HAVE A CHANCE TO

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