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  1. Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:16 pm
    Message by andyvan - Andrew here (the painter)
    hey, just dropping you a message. Let me know what your interested in me painting for you.
  2. Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:40 am
    Message by Kenshinx79 - hey
    Hey Mr Hinkel this is tommy. I met you at gamers and geeks saturday and talked to you about the IG stuff. I getting a list together and I was wondering did you also how any Manticore / Deathstrike,Valkyrie,Hellhound,and any of the reg guys with special weapons etc plamsa, melta.... I might have an nercon army to trade as well. I'm very serious about getting a sizable IG army from you so im hoping we can surly work something out. My cell if you need to txt or call is 251-232-1349. Thanks sir talk to you soon.
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