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Help Wanted: S.M.G. Empty Help Wanted: S.M.G.

Post  AArdvark085 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:40 am

Hey guys I've been really tied up with some serious family issues and it don't look like I'm going to catch a break anytime soon. I need a little help keeping up with the current events and such. To that end is anyone willing to post when the tournaments/events are happening at Jaks? I can keep up with the Coastal Assault and Fairhope bunch because I get emails directly from them. Hinkle post for the Pascagoula group and the Geeks and Gamers store. If we can get someone to cover Jaks that would be great. Just post when the next tournament is going to be held in the Tournament Section. Hopefully I will be able to get involved again after the first of the year.


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