Imperial Guard plus more stuff for sale

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Imperial Guard plus more stuff for sale Empty Imperial Guard plus more stuff for sale

Post  achancesw on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:50 am

Im not allowed to post links, so PM me for pics

Imperial Guard for sale:


Its an easy paint job to replicate or paint over

battalion box (minus sentinel)
HQ squad
2 extra squads
1 heavy weapon squad
2 valkyries (magnetized weapons, ramp, sliding doors detailed interior and cockpit)


sentinel on sprue
1 heavy weapon box

Selling as a lot, if you are interested PM me. I can provided detailed pics/details


Dux Bellorum -$10
A world Aflame - $10

Malifaux Lot - $60
3 books, 2 sets of cards, 2 starters, winter and justice

Enemies of the Empire - $20

The Great Clans -$20

The World of Might and Magic: The Ashan Compendium -$20

Confrontation 3rd ed. - $10

AD&D 3.5

Monster manual - $10

Dragonlance campaign setting -$10

Eberron campaign setting- $10

Living greyhawk gazetteer - $10

Dark Heresy Ascension - $20

Werewolf the Fosrsaken
the world of Darkness -$30

Lightning Strike 2nd ed.
Lightning Strike Compainion - $10

Void 1.1 - $10
Lord of the Rings

Main rulebook - $30

Legions of Middle Earth -$30

The One Ring RPG - $40

L5R cards

Lot, all emperor edition legal
Unicorn starter
Mantis starter

PM for pics of cards/mats/ect

plus hundreds of commons

plus the extra items, playmat and counters


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