Shooting and Cover

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Shooting and Cover

Post  AllmightyDM on Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:38 am

I wasn't sure about some of these last night.

Scenario 1) Unit A has 3 models 2 models that will be firing on a vehicle, the third model cannot see the target. Only one of the models that will be firing has a clear line of sight on the vehicle, the other sees 25%the vehicle blocked by terrain. How is this resolved? Please explain.

Scenario 2) A vehicle with 3 guns one on each side and one on the front is firing on another vehicle. Two guns have clear line of sight, the third is obscured by 25% cover, how is this resolved? Please explain.

Scenario 3) A jump infantry model on a flight stand is behind an aegis line, yet is to tall for the aegis to physically block line of sight. Does the Jump infantry model gain the 4+ cover save?

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