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Post  CaptFurious on Mon May 25, 2015 2:07 pm

Hey all, Thomas Burton here.  I used to be in the area and stay pretty active on the Facebook pages and listening to the podcasts.  Hopefully in 3 years time, I can retire back to Gulf Coast area and start being a part of your clubs once again.  

A little about me, I've been playing now for about 16 years of nothing but Warhammer 40k, I tried fantasy but meh.  I have a very large Imperial army, mostly everything in Dark Angels Green with a full Brotherhood of Grey Knights as well.  I have probably over 40k pts in Space Marine stuff with about another 5k to paint up.  I am working towards buying a Reaver Titan and saving up for a Warlord Titan so that I can smash Carter Leach's Eldar Titans in the face some day.  

You can all find me on the Facebook pages in TBS Comics Warhammer 40k, SMG Wargaming, or just search for me.  

Thanks all and look forward to seeing you all at Coastal Assault 2016 and other ITC events,



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