Because I'm a shameless self promoter.

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Because I'm a shameless self promoter.

Post  The Emperor Waffle on Thu May 17, 2012 11:46 pm

Guys, I want to share with you something that was introduced to me at my gym. It's called Spark Engergy Drink and I've been using it for the past month or so with really good results. I drink it when I'm tired at the gym, when I need to focus for my finals, and just when ever I need to pick up the pace. I've had monster, redbull, and 5 hour energy shots, but this works a lot better for me, tastes better, and it's much cheaper per serving. I want you to at least check out the site and see if you'll like it. I know that feeling around half of the 2nd round and I believe that this is made for those times. I've used it with great results and I'd like all of you to try it. Spark comes in quite a few flavors to pick from. I can tell you that cherry, orange, and the pink lemonade are all really tasty.
This is my personal site for the company. There are more products than just spark and even a caffiene free energy drink.

Thank you for putting up with my pitch guys and I hope you like it.


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