Big match, 3K Space Marines vs GK, Eldar, and Space Wolves @3k

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Big match, 3K Space Marines vs GK, Eldar, and Space Wolves @3k

Post  jkpz28 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:06 am

So Hinkel has a butt ton of SMs and has been having some bad runs with them, we decided that Hinkel and The AlmightyDM (Brandon) should run together against myself (GK), Fulange (Eldar) and Uktenna(SW). We allowed 2 force orgs for each 3K army

GK - 3 rhino's (each with 5 GKs, each squad had one psycannon), 2 Landraiders (each with 5 termi's)
Eldar - a lot of walkers, lol. Not sure what else he had but I think that was his main force
Space Wolves - 2 Rhinos filled with nasty wolves, a SW devestator type squad, 2 land speeders, and some wolf or something

Space Marines - A ton of shooty, alot of tanks, land speeders, etc, dev squads and of course some razorbacks stuffed with SMs.

To start the game SMs had initiative but thanks to an awesome roll the GreyEldarWolves stole initiative and went first.

Round one - GEW (GreyEldarWolves) pushed forward and fired, we managed to down a few SM tanks, the wolves had a group on a hill shooting as well but staying put.

SM go and have a very good round of rolling taking out a few Eldar walkers and blowing up one land raider and immobilizing the other.

Round two - GEW, thanks to the blown up raiders the GK and SW rhinos had to divert and go back around a building to continue to press towards the SM fire line since the Raiders were in the way. The Eldar have another nice round of its walkers popping tanks, and the SW get one as well. The GK Psycannon Termi that dropped out of the landraider managed to down a SM dread

SM go and wreck the other land raider spilling out 5 GK Tremis but thanks to the smoke protecting the Rhinos for the wolves and GKs the troop transports managed to survive with some awesome awesome rolls. SM manage to take out one termi out of each 5 man squad.

Round three - GEW, Rhinos for GK and SW get up close and personal to the SMs but cant drop troops, shooting from the Eldar and the SW still back in cover on a hill take our a few more SM vehicles by wrecking them or disabling them.

SM go and a IC with a big ass power axe moves up and pops a SW land speeder, the SMs then shoot up the 2 SW rhinos that are right in their face and manage to wreck one of those as well and immob the other. The GKs have a great turn and manage to take 0 casualties this turn.

Round four- GEW, Eldar lay the smack down on a few more SM tanks, the wolves lay into the lines of SMs and have a bad round of rolling but still do some damage. The GKs happily bail out of their 3 rhinos and lay into to 2 differnt groups of troops and one group went after the IC, wiping them all and consolidating toward 2 SM landspeeders and 1 SM dev squad.

SM go and if I remember right had a bad round in combat with the SW and by the time they finished up just agreed to call game with the GKs coming in from their left flank, the SW in their face holding them in the center of the board and the eldar coming on the right still bringing the pain.

All in all Hinkel is still not happy with his SMs, lol.

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Re: Big match, 3K Space Marines vs GK, Eldar, and Space Wolves @3k

Post  Uktena on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:29 am

Oh yeah, I remember that game, quite interesting and fun.

Actually though, it was 4000 points per side.
Wolves had 2 long fang squads, 2 rhinos filled with grey hunters and 1 wolf lord, 1 land speeder, 1 lone wolf and 3 thunderwolf cav.
Eldar had a warlock squad and 9 walkers! Those walkers sucked up almost the entire fire from the flank they attack and ended with only 1-2 walkers left.

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Re: Big match, 3K Space Marines vs GK, Eldar, and Space Wolves @3k

Post  AllmightyDM on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:12 pm

Yeah, I've given up on SM, I'm sure someone can make them work, and I haven't played them enough, but I like my xenos.

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Re: Big match, 3K Space Marines vs GK, Eldar, and Space Wolves @3k

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