Summary: On Line Club Meeting 29 Dec 11

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Summary: On Line Club Meeting 29 Dec 11

Post  AArdvark085 on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:06 am

Tonight we had several club members get together for an on line club meeting. The following members were in attendance:

Kunnin N Kwik
Heretic Wolfe
grots life

The topics we discussed were as follows:

Orikl requested input on the club logo. His girlfriend is an artist and needs further suggestions to finish the project. We discussed the current logo and suggested a few changes. We suggested a "Band of Brothers" type logo with a Space Marine, Hi Elf, and War Jack with S.M.G. somewhere nearby. He said she would get to work on it ASAP! When the prototype is complete they will post it on the forum for review.

Orikl also suggested moving the forum to a paid provider that would give us more options and a better interface. We agreed to table the topic as we don't have a club fund and we need to discuss it further. Orikl stated he would develop a test page so we can try it out and see what it has to offer.

Kunnin N Kwik asked if he could include an Forge world character in tournament games at Jaks. We agreed that he would have to ask Sonny for permission to which we agreed he probably would not allow it. We decided that we would allow the club to decide to do a IA and Forge world tournament if they so desired so that people could play their favorite non standard units.

thecapn226 volunteered to organize the next club tournament in Mid Feb at a location to be announced. More information will be posted soon just watch the tournament section of the forum.

I offered up a suggestion that if there is a club activity that you want us to do; then you should head it up. Once you have the initial arrangements get with me to schedule it and we will put it on the forum. For a perfect example of this in action check out the discussion of Grots' Ork only tournament coming up!

Finally we discussed making club terrain. Orkil volunteered to start building terrain. We need to gather supplies. I have a place to store it all. I have a 5x8 enclosed trailer that we can load all of the tables and store the terrain. That way when we need we can move anywhere where and set up a tourney. A short term goal is to set up 20 tables (next six months or so) then a long term goal of 40 tables of terrain. That will allow us to run a tournament with 80 people! Sweet!

The next S.M.G road trip is going to be to Fort Walton Beach Fla for Costal Assault. It on 28 Jan 11 and is a 1850 point tourney! I hear it lots of fun and very well run. So hopefully we can make a good showing.

Well that is it for now. I will be updating the tournament dates and such ASAP. If you want to make suggestions on the topics listed above post'em up. I will close this topic out on 6 Jan 11 then the decisions will be final.


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